Vietnamese student achievements rank in top 20: OECD survey

Vietnam ranks 19th among 20 countries which have students gaining the best achievements in the latest OECD rankings. The Independent, in its article titled ‘The best countries in the world to get an education’ published on December 8, 2016, named 20 of the best performing countries for education and Vietnam ranked the 19th in the list.
The article was published just two days after OECD released the 2015 PISA (Programme for International Assessment) results. Vietnam ranks 8th out of 72 countries in terms of its scientific performance, the 22nd in math and 32nd in literacy. Vietnamese students’ high scores at PISA tests remain a mystery. Foreign experts were surprised that Vietnamese students could obtain such high achievements at PISA, though Vietnam is a poor country with low GDP per capita. Of the eight developing countries participating in PISA, Vietnam has the lowest GDP per capita – $4,098. However, the achievements of Vietnamese students were equal to students from Finland and Switzerland.

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