Water scarcity threatens the country

About 39 people died from extreme weather phenomena in the past week. Every year at least 9,000 Vietnamese die from poor sanitation and 250,000 are hospitalised because of contaminated water. Prolonged drought has damaged crops. For farmers, the pandemic has complicated the situation even more.

Vietnam is among the most vulnerable countries to climate change and extreme weather phenomena. Most of the problems it will face in the near future are connected to the availability of water resources.

Since 26 August, natural disasters have killed at least 39 people and injured 64. Extreme weather events have damaged nearly 70,000 hectares of rice and vegetables and over 6,000 hectares of other crops. Several heads of cattle were also lost and at least 200 houses destroyed.

About 13.6 million Vietnamese do not have enough clean water for their daily activities. While 90 per cent of the population has access to running water in cities, 2.5 million people in rural areas do not.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, every year at least 9,000 Vietnamese die from poor sanitation and about 250,000 people are hospitalised for problems related to contaminated water.

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Tran Hung