What does Binh Thuan want: thermal power or a marine-protected area?

Five thermal power projects have been developed in Binh Thuan province, raising serious concerns about pollution, as the plants are located near marine protected area. Binh Thuan has emerged as a province which attracts many industrial projects, especially thermal power ones. The Vinh Tan Power Center runs five thermal power plants, including Vinh Tan 1, 2, 3, 4 and expanded Vinh Tan 4. Of these, Vinh Tan 2 has opened, while the others are under construction, capitalized at billions of dollars. Vinh Tan 2, Vinh Tan 4 and expanded Vinh Tan 4 are listed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as polluting projects, or projects with violations of environmental laws. Vinh Tan 2, during its operation, produced dust and ash, upsetting locals’ lives and raising strong opposition from the public. As for Vinh Tan 1, the Chinese investor is now seeking permission to dump 1.5 cubic meters of waste into the sea, near Hon Cau, one of Vietnam’s 16 MPAs.

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