Women unite against entertainment industry abuse

Women from the entertainment industry have stood up to protest abuses and violence they suffer at work. A 16-day campaign by their union was launched on December 4, but officials say only five percent of women in the service industry are brave enough to speak out. The white ribbon campaign, “Stand up for women against violence,” has been organized by the Cambodian Food and Service Workers’ Federation. Beer promoter Sry Chamrong, 33, told Khmer Times she faced intimidation by her company after it found out she had taken part in the union network. “After we made our demands there were many protests by the company and dismissals have happened continuously,” she said. “I don’t have much hope that I will be able to stay with the job much longer because the company does not want someone doing something against its plans.” Ms. Chamrong said she has always been treated with contempt by male customers who used unsuitable language. Some asked her to have sex with them which she refused, saying she is a beer seller, not a sex worker. “At first I was afraid of dismissal, but afterwards I understood the law through the union. I seem to be brave and dare to make demands about things we are dissatisfied with,” she said.

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