Xayaboury vocational school initiates solar power engineering course

A solar power system engineering class is being trialled at Xayaboury Technical and Vocational School with a view to it becoming a regular subject, according to a press release from the Energy and Climate Policy Institute. The Director of the province’s statistics planning division education office and the Dean of the school’s Electricity Department suggested opening a renewable energy education track, a press release noted. Next year it will be a regular electricity subject at the school, said the Director of the Renewable Energy Centre, Ms Yee Young Ran. Regular teaching of the subject would enable the sustainable learning of solar power systems which it is hoped would become self-sufficient after outside support dries up. If trained students can be responsible for installing, repairing, consulting, and teaching renewable energy, it will be a suitable long-term initiative. The Lao Renewable Energy Centre delivered a solar power system engineering course recently at Xayaboury Technical and Vocational School.

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