Open Development Cambodia publishes new dataset​ on Commune/Sangkat Council election results (2012)

Open Development Cambodia (ODC) has published a new dataset on the results of the 2012 Commune/Sangkat Council elections. This dataset shows the official result of the commune council election for the third legislature issued by National Election Committee (NEC) on June 24, 2012, illustrating the total number of valid votes and seats by commune, and the number of votes and seats received by each political party, by gender and leadership positions (commune chief, first and second deputies) in 24 provinces and capital city throughout Cambodia. The resource is made available and accessible in both English and Khmer language.

Click here to access the English page of “Results on the election of Commune/Sangkat Council (2012)”, 

and click here to access to Khmer page of “Results on the election of Commune/Sangkat Council (2012)”.