Open Development Thailand publishes a topic page on SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation

Open Development Thailand has just published a topic page on SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation.

As of 2017, Thailand has already taken steps towards achieving a number of SDG 6’s indicators.  98% of the population of Thailand has access to “improved drinking water” and 93% has access to improved sanitation.  In line with this, the Thai Government’s 2017 Voluntary National Review (VNR) reported that “almost 100% of households have access to safe and affordable drinking water, as well as sanitation facilities.”7 Additionally, Thailand has been able to reduce infant mortality rates and reduce water-borne diseases as a result of policies which require all levels of government to provide clean water and sanitation in their jurisdictions, and to reach a level of quality in line with national standards for drinking water quality.

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