Information Wars in Southeast Asia

In recent years, the internet and social media have become the arena for ideological and security battles. Much optimism about the role of digital resources in promoting knowledge and democratic values has turned into preoccupation that they are rather a source of authoritarian control and misinformation. Freedom of expression and its boundaries are increasingly contested as policies are introduced that at times blur ‘stifling rumours’ with ‘fighting dissent’ (see also Asia’s war on ‘fake news’ raises real fears for free speech). 

To better understand the current situation in Southeast Asia, SEA Junction will hold a panel on 31 August at 5PM. Using the cases of Indonesia and Thailand (while also referring to Malaysia and Singapore among others), panellists will explore the tensions between efforts to limit the impact of malicious and fake news and other forms of misinformation and the importance of maintaining freedom of information for all those involved in democratic processes and particularly dissonant and minority voices. 

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