Child Fund Australia supports children in Xieng Khuang

Child Fund Australia has provided more than US$1.1 million to support development outcomes relating to health, education, water, sanitation and nutrition for children in Khoun district, Xieng Khuang province. Funds will also go to support the continued need for improvements in education access and quality, targeting the poorest in the target district’s nine villages. The representative office of Child Fund Australia, Child Fund Laos, will work in partnership with the Rural Development and Poverty Eradication office in Xieng Khuang province to begin a new project named Community Development for the Well-Being of Children in Khoun district. The project will work to reduce poverty through addressing development gaps, building capacities, and taking a multi-sector, holistic development approach. Reaching some of the poorer areas within Khoun district, the project will be implemented by the communities themselves within nine villages with extensive consultation with district and provincial authorities. It is expected to run for four years, with an end date of September 2020.

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