China-Laos railway project brings Lao, Chinese people closer

An aerial view from the China-Laos border to the capital Vientiane reveals a ruled, comparatively straight line embedded into northern Laos, laid among the foothills, crossing gullies, rivers and fields, and with small arcs bypassing villages.

It’s the China-Laos railway project, a landmark construction project in Laos, and a bridge of friendship between the people of Laos and China.

The railway beam fabrication yard of China Railway No. 2 Engineering Group (CREC-2) for the China-Laos railway project is located in Songpheuy Tai village of northern Vientiane. At the beginning of the project, the staff of the yard temporarily rented rooms in the village inn owned by Vanmany.

Since then, regardless of the shortage of rooms, Vanmany always reserved rooms for her “old friends”, if needed. At her relatives’ weddings or grandchild’s birthday parties, she also prepared VIP seats for the Chinese engineers. “The young Chinese engineers have come here to build the railway, away from home. We will treat them like family,” she said.

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Zhang Jianhua, Wang Shan