Laos, Thailand Meet to Discuss Railway Project Connecting Vientiane and Nong Khai

The Minister of Public Works and Transport of Laos, Mr. Viengsavath Siphandone, met with Thailand’s Minister of Transport, Mr. Saksayam Chidchob, and his team last week to discuss the project’s development. This was after Thailand’s Department of Rail Transport provided an update on the progress of the railway that will link Vientiane and Thailand’s Nong Khai province and also connect to the Laos-China Railway.

The discussion covered several primary topics, such as passenger and freight connectivity, the possibility of utilizing the old bridge, the construction of a new bridge across the Mekong river, and the scope of the project.

The meeting also discussed the construction of a shared control room at Thanaleng in Vientiane as well as at the Thai stations of Nong Khai and Na Tha, alongside cooperation for human resource development.

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Phontham Visapra