Cold-water fish a gold mine

Hoang Van Ta, 53, was the first person to farm salmon in his commune in the mountainous province of Lang Son in 2007. Now he earns as much as VND4-5 billion (US$180,000-$220,000) a year from salmon. Mau Son Commune, Loc Binh District is located about 170km northeast of Ha Noi, with the highest peak reaching about 1,600 metres above sea level. The area is a famous tourism site for its spectacular landscape, its tea from tea buds plucked from the mountain’s vast tea fields, and now, for its delicious salmon, as well. In 2007, when Ta traveled to Sa Pa District and had a chance to visit a salmon farm there, he thought of building the same farm in Mau Son Commune, where the weather conditions are similar.

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