COVID-19 Hits Prisons in Thailand, as Nearly 3,000 Cases Detected

Yesterday, Thailand’s Department of Corrections announced that nearly 3,000 inmates at two prisons in Thailand’s capital had tested positive for COVID-19, amid the country’s ongoing outbreak of the virus.

In a statement, the department said that 1,785 of the 3,274 inmates tested positive at Bangkok Remand Prison, which holds detainees ahead of trial. At the Central Women’s Correctional Institution, 1,040 of the 4,475 inmates were infected, it said.

The department said in the statement that various “proactive measures” to control the coronavirus in prisons have been implemented, including a 21-day quarantine and two mandatory COVID-19 tests for new inmates. It said that all positive cases were receiving medical treatment and that critical cases would be transferred to outside hospitals.

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Sebastian Strangio