Covid-19 Impacts in the Mekong Region | Crisis to Opportunities Series

The global Covid-19 crisis has shed a light on the deep-seated inequities in the way our rivers and the people who depend on them are treated. With the exposure created by this crisis comes an opportunity. As International Rivers adapts to current circumstances, we are strengthening our support network to partners and communities facing immediate challenges, while working toward solutions that re-imagine a healthier future for our rivers.

We are grounding this work in the direct experience of our long-time partners and those facing increased threats. The following blog series, “Crisis to Opportunities,” is written from our regional campaign staff in the Mekong, Salween, Congo, Amazon and Patagonia, and Ganges/Brahmaputra river basins. For each region, we seek to answer two questions: What are the impacts and challenges we currently face? And what solutions are arising?

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Pianporn Deetes