Đắk Lắk to use GPS tracking necklaces to monitor wild elephants

The International Organisation for Nature Conservation in Việt Nam and the Đắk Lắk Department of Agriculture and Rural Development are perfecting a GPS Tracking Necklaces for Elephants Program to help with elephant conservation in the province.

Đắk Lắk Province has around 28 wild elephants and they form groups of four to seven at Yok Đôn National Park and Phước Hòa Rubber Company (bordering Gia Lai Province).

Thái Truyền, consultant for the elephant conservation program of the International Organisation for Conservation of Nature in Việt Nam (which supports the project), said that GPS necklaces for elephants will help the rangers of the Elephant Conservation, Animal Rescue and Forest Protection and Management Centre and Yok Đôn National Park to identify the elephants’ location and navigate their future movement. This will help rangers quickly respond if elephants ever have conflict with humans.

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