Deeper look into ecological costs of coal-fired power in Mekong Delta needed: expert

Ecological expert Nguyễn Hữu Thiện speaks to Nông Nghiệp Việt Nam (Việt Nam’s Agriculture) newspaper on the need for clearer environmental regulations for thermopower plants in the Mekong Delta to reduce risks to the region’s aquatic resources

What are the notable characteristics of the Mekong Delta’s fish resources?

The area we need to focus on the most is where the Mekong River tributaries meet the sea, including the river basin and the coastal waters, as these areas are rich in diversity.

Anadromous species, those that live most of their lives in the sea but migrate into freshwater areas to spawn; catadromous are the opposite, meaning they live in freshwater but spawn in the sea; potamodromous species are those living entirely in freshwater but have to migrate long distances through river networks to spawn or hunt.

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