Delta Offshore Energy’s Vietnam Project Gets Environmental Approval

Delta Offshore Energy said Tuesday it had secured the environmental approval for the LNG to Power Project, the 3.2 GW power plant, and LNG Terminal in Bac Lieu, Vietnam.

“Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an extremely important key regulatory milestone towards the financial close and validates DOE commitment to the environment,” the company said.

“A key driver to growth is Foreign Direct Investment and this project is a low hanging fruit for such disbursements. The EIA is a key step in unlocking this capital,” says Ian Nguyen,  Ian Nguyen, Co-Founder and Managing Director of DOE.

Vietnam is a developing economy that is undergoing the coal-to-gas conversion to enable the sustainable development of renewable energy and to follow the path of its Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nation peers, DOE said.

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