Dengue fever outbreak hits 3-year high, nearly 20,000 affected, 15 deaths

A recent warning from Thailand’s government deputy spokesperson, Trisuree Trisaranakul, has alerted the public to the rapidly growing dengue fever outbreak.

With nearly 20,000 reported cases and 15 deaths in the past five months, the epidemic reached its highest level in three years. Citizens are urged to take precautions to protect themselves and their children during the rainy season from June to August when the infection rate is expected to rise.

Trisuree mentioned that the Ministry of Public Health has recorded 18,173 dengue cases, a staggering 4.2 times more than the previous year. The highest incidence of the disease has been found in students aged 5-14 years, followed by the 15-24 age group. The most affected areas include Bangkok, Trat, Nan, Chanthaburi, Rayong, and Mae Hong Son.

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Nattapong Westwood