Deputy PM takes strong stance against corruption

Building public awareness of corruption, taking note of complaints about unethical conduct, and bringing offenders to justice are some of the ways the government intends to clamp down on corruption. Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Party and Government Inspection Authority and the Anti-Corruption Organisation, Dr Bounthong Chitmany, outlined these points on January 18 in his address at the annual inspection meeting. We have to build awareness of the dangers of corruption among members of the public, starting at a young age, Dr Bounthong said, referring to the practices of many foreign countries. Dr Bounthong, who is a member of the Politburo, reminded meeting participants about the hazards of corruption, which he said challenged the role, influence, and leadership of the Party. Inspections were carried out among 786 targets in 15 ministries and government agencies, the provinces, and Vientiane last year. Officials found that more than 98 billion kip, 15 million baht, and US$2 million had been lost through corrupt activities.

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