Disabled people struggle to get education, jobs: workshop

Various barriers still hinder the development of people with disabilities, particularly those living in rural areas and who lack access to education, vocational training, and employment. This was the message delivered on September 20 by Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Prof. Dr Khamkeo Sanbounkhounxay, when addressing the Australia Development Research Award Scheme workshop in Vientiane. The workshop was convened to discuss the findings of research with the aim of improving access to social and economic services by people with disabilities. Prof. Dr Khamkeo highlighted the efforts the government has made in implementing the Convention on the Rights of People with Disability, to which Laos has been a party since September 2009. The National Committee for People with Disability was established to research policies and regulations, aiming to protect and promote the development of Lao people with disabilities. 

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