Disqualification law not intended to bully EC: Meechai

Chief constitution writer Meechai Ruchupan on November 16 said all independent agencies, including the Constitutional Court, would be treated equally regarding the disqualification of members as stipulated by new organic laws, adding the Constitution Drafting Commission had no intention to bully the Election Commission. The drafters were writing organic laws in accordance with the charter approved in the recent referendum, he said on November 16. The CDC chairman was speaking at the opening ceremony of a seminar in Parliament yesterday to solicit opinions on the organic laws. Earlier, EC member Somchai Srisuthiyakorn said the CDC “was out of its mind” to write provisions regarding disqualification in the new law that will govern the EC’s affairs. Meechai said many people wanted the CDC to make a decision over qualification criteria, but the selection committee would judge whether commissioners were qualified to continue their terms at the independent agencies. 

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