Drought, water shortages pose a big threat

Professor Trần Thục, chairman of the Vietnam Association of Meteorology and Hydrology, told the Voice of Việt Nam (VOV) online newspaper that Vietnamese central provinces are likely to suffer from severe drought and salt intrusion in the 2019-20 dry season.

Is Việt Nam included in the list of countries seriously hit by water shortage?

Total rainfall in the Mekong basin from early June to July 25 this year is much lower than the average of the same period for many years – by 30 to 70 per cent.

The water levels in the sub-Mekong region are also lower than the average water level for many years by between 2.5 to 5.5m.

The water level in the Mekong Delta region of Việt Nam is also much lower than the level seen in many years in the past.

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