Epidemic Reconstruction Reveals Gambling and Trafficking of Migrant Workers are Major Sources of Ongoing COVID-19 Spread 

As many as 45 provinces have been infected by the infection cluster first exploding among migrant workers communities in Samut Sakhon, while several more have been added to the list by the clusters involving gambling dens and local gambling such as cock fighting

The disease control officers and epidemiologists at the Public Health Ministry have reconstructed the picture of the ongoing spread of Covid-19 and learned that the Covid-19 infection cluster, which was first emerged in Samut Sakhon’s Central Shrimp Market in mid last month, has spread to as many as 45 provinces.

The country faced sporadic infections of Covid-19 with some few cases and clusters reported after the first round of infections which exploded in mid-March, but it started to see the new surge of Covid-19 infections in late November when some young Thai revellers crossed the border to visit and work in some entertainment venues in Myanmar’s border town of Tachilek, next to Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district in the North and crossed back with the virus.

The virus infections from this group spread as far as Bangkok and two local transmissions were reported out of these before the situation was brought under control.

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