Floating parking lots on rivers and canals: Hanoi mulls plan

La Xanh JSC has suggested building a system of floating parking lots on rivers and canals in the inner city of Hanoi to solve the shortage of land for car parks. In a letter to Hanoi’s leaders, Mai Trong Tuan, director of La Xanh JSC, said there were two areas suitable for floating parking lots with capacity of 20,000-30,000 cars. The first area includes three rivers and one canal – To Lich River (from Linh Dam Lake to Hoang Quoc Viet Road), Lu River (from Nghiem Xuan Yem street to Nam Dong Lake), Set River and Kim Nguu Canal. As per Tuan’s calculation, the average width of the rivers is 25 meters, so if building parking lots with the width of 18-20 meters and height of 20 meters (6-9 floors), each parking lot will contain 120 cars. 

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