New study on Thai road deaths, scam suspect has a GoFundMe page

Thai roads are among the most deadly in the world and most of the fatal accidents involve motorcycles. We already know that, but a recent study now shows that 80% of motorcycle accidents are related to cars cutting in front of oncoming traffic.

Honda and Yamaha partnered with the Thailand Accident Research Centre for the full report which reviewed 1,000 motorcycle accidents that took place between 2016 and 2020. The study will help find solutions to help reduce the number of accidents.

While Dutch national Wesley Halbach sits in Thai jail over charges related to the dodgy money-making app/website SPM Shopping Mall, which scammed thousands of Thais and foreigners, a GoFundMe page has been set up, asking for donations to help pay bail for his bail, hire a lawyer and reunite Wesley with his family overseas. The page claims that the 37 year old father is a “victim of a big set up.”

Wesley is accused of being an admin monitor for the SPM Shopping Mall website and Line app as well as inviting people to join the scheme. Several Phuket residents filed complaints with police, accusing Wesley of tricking them into making an investment. He was arrested on charges of defrauding others and conducting an online scam.