Foreign markets interested in Lao organic coffee

A famous chef from France has tasted the organic coffee in Pakxong district, Champassak province and agreed to place an order for the top quality beans for coffee shops in Europe including France. The order is expected to serve as a boon for the region’s image as a coffee producer in foreign counties including France. The Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers’ Cooperative has been exporting more than 1,000 tonnes of organic coffee per year to many foreign counties, which is currently valued at some US$5 million. France is the top overseas buyer of its coffee at some 800 tonnes per year. Famous chef from France, Mr Alain Ducasse joined representatives of Malongo company in France and Cafe Ma company in Switzerland to visit the Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers’Cooperative in Paxong district last weekend. The visit was aimed to sample some of the best of Lao coffee and discuss its promotion in overseas destinations including Europe. The Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers’ Cooperative and their development partners have supported local farmers in Pakxong district, Champassak province, Thataeng district, Xekong province and Lao-ngam district, Saravan province to increase the cultivation of organic coffee to support local and foreign markets.