Harvesters in Mekong Delta can’t operate for lack of oil

In the past few days, many farmers in some localities in the Mekong Delta are in despair because the rice in the summer-autumn rice in the paddy fields was ripe but harvesters did not have oil to operate.

Mr. Giang Van Bao, an owner of a rice harvester in Soc Trang Province’s Long Phu District, said that for about half a month, he had to run everywhere to find oil (DO type of oil) but couldn’t buy enough to run the engine. Currently, Mr. Bao’s harvester is in danger of stoppage because there is no oil, while many field owners are urging him to reap because their rice is ripe.

In many other localities of Soc Trang province, farmers are going to harvest the summer-autumn rice but a lack of fuel supply has impeded harvesting.
Mr. Luu Huu Danh, Secretary cum Chairman of the People’s Committee in Tran De District, said that the district has just sent an official dispatch to the Department of Industry and Trade and the provincial Market Surveillance Authority proposing the two responsible departments to control petrol supply because many petrol retail stores in the province announced that there is no more oil to supply. Without oil, the harvesters could not work, causing great losses to farmers.
The scarcity of gasoline, which affects the summer-autumn rice harvest, also occurs in large fields in Thap Muoi District in Dong Thap Province.
Mr. Ho Thanh Ut in Phu Dien Commune in Thap Muoi District said that he has traveled to gas filling stations to buy oil for his two harvesters but he failed to buy enough oil for the machine to run. Private gas filling stations either do not sell or close their doors whereas people can buy half a can or one can of oil from state gas filling stations.

Tuan Quang - Translated by Anh Quan