Innovation in Myanmar: 4 Organizations Reducing Poverty

Myanmar, a Southeastern Asian country roughly the size of Texas, houses almost 54 million people. In 2005, almost half of Myanmar’s population lived in poverty. However, a report released by the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) determined that Myanmar successfully increased its GDP and cut poverty to 24.8% by 2017. This demonstrates that innovation in Myanmar is a real possibility and will likely continue to develop in the future.

The CSO Poverty Report concluded that remaining poverty centers, especially around rural areas, correlate with low education, employment in agriculture and disability. Recently, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and companies in Myanmar have sought to address these multivariate factors through digital innovation. Using technology to diversify residents’ sources of income beyond the agricultural sector is one way to improve. Innovation also includes improvement for the economic potential of agricultural centers. Additionally, access to employment services has increased and educated the rising generation.

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Elizabeth Broderick