Is IoT the solution to Asia’s aquaculture problems?

Rising populations mean a growing demand for food, and that’s putting more and more pressure on the agriculture sector tasked with providing it.

Faced with a crisis, like many other industries, it’s turning to technology as a source of innovation.

IoT sensors and systems have been utilized to monitor and improve the efficiency or productivity of other agriculture technology (agritech) solutions, as well as to provide data analytics on weather patterns, crop productivity, and seasonal changes, to name a few. All this is contributing towards a global smart agriculture market that is expected to be worth US$29.23 billion by 2027.

Recent efforts towards discovering alternative food sources have led to renewed interest in aquaculture farms as a means to sustainably cultivate fish. But, over the past two decades, the aquaculture industry has seen annual production tripled while feed prices also have risen dramatically.

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Joe Devanesan