Khun Sea Development Fills In Mekong River Near Arey Ksat Ferry Stop

A representative for prominent tycoon Khun Sea’s company confirmed the firm was responsible for in-filling in the Mekong River very near to the ferry stop at Kandal’s Arey Ksat – after social media users and ferry passengers posted photos of large stony embankments.

Photos emerged on social media in recent days showing rocky outcrops along the river bank in Arey Ksat – right next to where the ferry docks and in front of villagers’ homes. Khun Sea Development is already filling in around 30 hectares along the Mekong River further south, with sandy embankments now visible along the riverside.

Seng Phen, a representative for Khun Sea Development, first denied involvement with the filling in of the river, but later admitted it was part of a 70-hectare development granted by the government. He said the new development would be a “Hong Kong-style” entertainment area costing $1.5 to $2 billion.

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Sun Narin, Lors Liblib, VOA Khmer