Laos, Russia to partner in scientific studies

Laos and Russia have agreed to share their work with the aim of furthering academic cooperation in scientific research. An agreement on the partnership was reached on November 4 between the National Research Tomsk State University of the Russian Federation and Laos’ Ministry of Science and Technology. A ceremony to cement the agreement was attended by Deputy Director of the National Research Tomsk State University, Mr Artyom Rykun, and Acting Director General of the Department of Planning and International Cooperation under the Ministry of Science and Technolo gy, Mr Phimpha Outthachack. Also present on the occasion were Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Dr Boviengkham Vongdara and Russia Federation Ambassador to Laos Mr Mikhail V. Baranov. Speaking at the agreement ceremony, Mr Phimpha said the partnership aims to enhance the capacity of officials and lecturers, meet the requirements of domestic development and international integration, and promote the scientific research achievements of both countries.

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