Large M&A deal could change Vietnam’s sugar industry

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group HAGL has finally confirmed that it is negotiating with Thanh Thanh Cong on the transfer of its sugar mill in Laos to TTC. As both of them are giants in their field, the deal is expected to lead to big changes in the industry. TTC is known as the leading company in the sugar industry as it holds the controlling stake in many large sugar companies, including Thanh Thanh Cong Tay Ninh, Gia Lai Hydropower Sugar, Bien Hoa, Ninh Hoa and Phan Rang Sugar Company. In the latest move, TTC has merged SEC with SBT and NHS with BHS, while analysts predicted that BHS and SBT would merge in the future. TTC will still own the advantages which SBT and BHS have – advanced technology, experienced staff, strong brands and a large retail network. BHS is praised for its diverse products and is the only Vietnamese company which owns a sugar refinery line from Japan. Therefore, BHS sugar has high quality and it is always sold at prices higher than products of other companies.

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