Mandalay fisheries fail to meet demand

Mandalay’s fisheries are unable to keep pace with demand, with industry figures saying more than 48.9 tonnes of fish is imported daily from Yangon. Director of the Department of Fisheries U Hla Win told The Myanmar Times on November 28 that over 30,000 viss has to be brought in to Mandalay on a daily basis, with the city’s ponds and commercial production facilities simply not able to provide enough for the market. “The amount of fish being produced is not enough for the number of people. [Somedays] up to 40,000 viss is being imported from Yangon,” U Hla Win said. There are around 7000 acres dedicated to fisheries in Mandalay, and a total of 270 natural pond hatcheries, according to department data. Each acre produces around 1500 viss a year, and each natural pond hatchery produces around 150 viss.

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