Mines rules to be submitted for govt review this month

The new Myanmar Mining Law could soon have regulatory teeth that support the implementation of the law and establish a state and Union power division in the licensing process, The Myanmar Times has learned. The Mines Rules, which will essentially provide the fine print details to supplement the amended legislation, have been drafted and will be sent to the government for review by the end of this month, according to a department of mines official. Long-awaited revisions to the 1994 Mining Law were approved by former President U Thein Sein’s administration in December 2015. The overhaul included changes to profit-sharing arrangements between the government and companies, the types of mining permits available – including adding medium-scale production, the duration of licence tenures, and penalties. It also mandates environmental management and land rehabilitation plans, and allows for joint ventures with foreign firms. But the amendments cannot be enforced until the more detailed regulations are finalised.

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