Minimum wage law still not cutting it for garment workers: report

A New report on the state of the garment industry from Progressive Voice found that last year’s minimum wage law is causing negative workplace impacts for a majority of labourers and, for many, is still not resulting in a living wage.​​ The report, released on December 1 by the rights-based policy research and advocacy organisation, also found that many workers face long hours with near-constant pressure and intimidation from factory owners and management. Nearly all workers said they were expected to work six days a week but when they took a day off, most faced disproportionate wage deductions. Many took issue with the sanitation facilities and healthcare offerings of their employers. Nearly every worker interviewed said the minimum wage policy, which went into effect on September 1, 2015, and sets the lowest salary threshold at US$2.75 per day, is being followed, but 61 percent reported negative impacts from the policy.

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