Outbreak fears as Mekong Delta struggles with returning migrant workers

With the Mekong Delta laboring under large quarantining burdens as migrants return from the southeast region in the thousands, officials fear outbreaks if the localities’ capabilities are stretched.

An Giang Province, for instance, had more than 15,000 migrant workers return on motorbikes over the past three days. The flow has not stopped and gateways leading to the province are bustling with the traffic.

Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of the An Giang People’s Committee, said that the province’s maximum capacity for centralized quarantine camps is 10,000. Every facility is currently full, he added.

The rush of people returning to their hometown has had many functional forces to work through the night monitoring traffic flow, conducting rapid tests for Covid-19 and escorting people to quarantine camps.

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Cuu Long, Ngoc Tai