Pickups allowed to carry passengers until new rules done: police

Senior police are pressing the Land Transport Department for new regulations that would allow pickups to carry passengers, not just cargo, in cabs or beds – as long as they have safety belts installed. Until the new regulations are issued, police have no plan to arrest or fine pickup drivers or owners who carry passengers. “We won’t take legal action against people who use their pickups for carrying passengers until the New Year,” Assistant National Police Commissioner Pol Lt-General Wittaya Prayongpan said on April 17. He said the National Police Office had written to the LTD to propose measures for new regulations and would raise the issue at a meeting again today. Earlier, various authorities pledged to take action against pickup drivers carrying passengers because laws currently state that pickup beds could transport cargo only. As a result, few people were seen in the back of pickups during the recent Songkran holidays.

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