Report: Foreign-funded infrastructure projects need more scrutiny for quality control

As foreign funders drive the construction of major new infrastructure projects in Cambodia, an inconsistent regulatory approach may be opening lanes for shoddy construction.

Last month, an inspection by the Ministry of Public Works found irregularities in the builds of National Roads 2 and 22,  which are being funded by the government of South Korea.

Public Works Minister Sun Chanthol announced April 23 that most of National Road 2, which runs between Takhmao city and Takeo province, but also National Road 22 appeared to fall below acceptable quality levels.

“I have directed a working group to begin all checks, and where any sections are found to be non-compliant with standards, they will be required to rebuilt,” Chanthol said.

The minister said the quality standards of road construction are generally rated on a scale of 430 points. National Roads 2 and 22 are coming in at just 340 to 420 points, he said.

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Sorn Sarath, Seoung Nimol