Sea breaches Bạc Liêu Province dykes in 2 places

Two sea dykes in the Mekong Delta (Cửu Long) province of Bạc Liêu were badly damaged on Sunday and Monday by high tides, huge waves and strong winds, threatening the lives and properties of local residents. In Bạc Liêu city, huge waves and powerful winds at speeds of level 8-9 damaged about 20m of the dyke along Nhà Mát Beach near Nhà Mát Border Post, flooding many houses near it. Phạm Thị Liên, 63, a seafood seller at the beach, said: “At around 2am, while I and my son were sleeping, water rushed in. Many big waves buffeted our house. All the furniture in my house and motorbike was damaged. Hundreds of beers and other drinks, and tens of kilogrammes of fresh seafood were swept away.”

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