South East Asia – Mekong River Levels Rise After 40% Higher Rainfall

Recorded water levels in the Lower Mekong River Basin (LMB) saw significant increases during the last seven days as a result of heavy rainfall and sudden water releases from dams, the Mekong River Commission (MRC) reported.

However, as of 28 July 2021, river levels across all monitoring stations remained lower than their alarm or danger points.

Heavy rainfall in several parts of the Lower Mekong River Basin from around 18 to 25 July contributed to the rise, with river levels above their long-term averages, mostly at the upper stations, according to MRC’s observed water level and rainfall data.

The region has received approximately 40% higher than average rainfall in July when compared to the same period between 2015 and 2020, it added.

“Due to heavy rainfall, dams in the Lower Mekong including those on the tributary released large amounts of water during 24–25 July, causing water levels to surge quickly,” said Dr Lam Hung Son, Head of the MRC Secretariat’s Regional Flood and Drought Management Centre.

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