Specialised zones in Phú Quốc Marine Protected Area adjusted

The Mekong Delta province of Kiên Giang has adjusted the zoning of the marine protected area of Phú Quốc National Park on Phú Quốc Island.

Of the more than 40,909ha of the Phú Quốc Marine Protected Area, the strictly-protected zone covers more than 7,087ha, including some 6,658ha for seagrass conservation in the northeast of the island and nearly 429ha for coral conservation in the south.

The zone for ecological recovery covers more than 11,537ha, including some 11,363ha for seagrass ecosystem recovery in the northeast and 174.68ha for coral ecosystem recovery in the south.

There is also 1,212ha for seagrass and another 8,605ha for coral in the 9,817ha service-administrative zone.

A buffer zone of about 12,467ha has also been set up to minimise the impact of socio-economic activities on seagrass and coral conservation.

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