The Mekong Delta is yearning for opportunities

If you enter “10.196725, 105.544721” in Google Maps, it will take you to a location in the Co Do District of Can Tho City. An orchard spanning several thousand square meters appears on the screen. Why does the orchard stand alone?

Drag the mouse to the right a bit, you will see the National Highway 91 – a backbone road of the Mekong Delta – just a few hundred meters away. Around this highway, you will see countless orchards and vegetable farms. Yet at our location, only an orchard is spotted in the middle of a vast rice field.

The orchard is a property of Mr. Chin Hop in Trung Hung Commune of Co Do District. Mr. Chin was one of the first local residents who invested in orchard growing. He made such a decision because of a new road and bridge, which now connects his farmland to the National Highway. For the first time, the traders’ cars could reach his farm.

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Carolyn Turk