The rise of unregulated livestock production prompts health concerns in regions

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization is warning that increasing demand for, and consumption of, meat and other products of animal origin in East and Southeast Asia are threatening the health of millions of people and livestock as unregulated producers race to meet the demand, often ignoring the possibility of disease and contamination. According to FAO figures, during the last 50 years, consumption of meat products has skyrocketed in East Asia, from nearly 9 kg per capita (8.7 kilgramme) in the mid 1960’s to 50 kg per person in 2015 – an increase of more than 500 percent. The trend is set to continue, increasing a further 15 percent by the middle of this century. Increased prosperity in the region, mainly in China, along with changing diets and demand for more protein-rich foods, are largely responsible for the increases in demand and consumption. But even without the increased consumption in China, the region still consumed three-times more meat during the same period.

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