They, Too: Thai Women Reporters Share Tales of Sexual Harassment

Sexism and dangers women face in the Thai workplace are well known, partly thanks to reporters who highlight those issues in their work. But the journalists themselves rarely tell their own stories.

This is hardly a surprise. Those working in the media, after all, are trained to “report the news, not be part of the news.” And while the West witnessed the upheaval of #MeToo era, where many women spoke up about sexual assault at the hands of those in power, no such awakening on a similar scale can be found here in Thailand.

To commemorate the double occasion of the International Women’s Day and National Journalist Day, which fall on March 8 and March 5 respectively, we asked a number of women in the Thai media to share their #MeToo predicaments – whether from their bosses, online stalkers, or even esteemed colleagues from the West.

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Asaree Traitrakulpanich