Unwarranted sanctions: US move against Chinese firm in Cambodia strongly condemned

The government as well as the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia have strongly rejected and condemned the United States move to impose sanctions on Union Development Group (UDG), with Defence Minister General Tea Banh considering it part of US “geopolitical ambitions.”

Academics also said yesterday the move could impact efforts made by leaders of the two countries to “restore trust and confidence” between Cambodia and the US.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, a Chinese Embassy spokesman urged the United States to immediately lift its sanctions.

The statement said that Dara Sakor resort, a tourism and entertainment project, is licensed by the Cambodian government and is a large-scale joint venture invested in by the UDG and Tianjin Union Group.

“This project complies with the laws and regulations of Cambodia and contributes to the economic and social development of the Kingdom,” it said.

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Ben Sokhean and Sen David