Vietnam preparing policies for safer cyber environment for children

Vietnam now has around 15 million under-16 children, who are considered the most vulnerable to harmful effects like bullying, attacks, scamming, and even sexual assaults on the cyber environment.

Reports from Kaspersky reveal that in Vietnam, the most popular websites to the young under 16 are audio-visual sites, social networks, and computer games (accounting for 44.7 percent, 32.5 percent, and 8.6 percent respectively). YouTube is the most used app (at 28.8 percent), followed by Zalo (15.7 percent) and Facebook (15 percent). Among the top 10 most used apps are two famous online games, namely Arena of Valor and Free Fire MAX.

Seeing such a high frequency of Internet use among the young, the Code of Conduct to protect children on the cyber environment should be released to regulate proper behaviors for Internet users and shield children from potential risks. Simultaneously, the Code introduces methods to report any suspected action which aims at abusing children and to raise the public’s awareness of possible dangers to young people.

This Code of Conduct has clear regulations for businesses, organizations which provide Internet services, online platforms, and digital content to prioritize protection for children on the cyber space; along with necessary policies and community, ethical standards to shield children from harms on the Internet.

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Ba Tan, Tran Luu – Translated by Thanh Tam