Will Vietnam launch a “resolution 10” on renewable energy?

Vietnam has strongly committed to develop renewable energy. Experts expect implementation of these commitments will create a “Resolution 10” for the energy sector. Resolution 10 is the name of a critically important Vietnamese reform in 1988. This policy helped to liberalize the freedom and the production potential in rural and agricultural economies. In recent years, Vietnam has decided to develop renewable energy, especially for wind and solar, with the aim to ensure the national energy security. “The development of RE has contributed to mitigate environmental pollution and ensure the national energy security”, said Le Tuan Phong, Vice Director of Energy Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam RE Week 2016 (November 18-19). Experts argue that RE creates more jobs as well as opportunities for the country. For example, GE’s wind turbine plant in Haiphong city has recruited a high rate of local labor. Within about 700 employees, there is only a foreign expert; the others are Vietnamese, according to Do Minh Tam, the Coordinator of Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance.

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