Youth, women key to economic growth

To join the “Asian Tiger” economies of the neighbouring countries, Myanmar must invest more in its youth, the UN Population Fund has said following a new examination of demographic trends from the 2014 census. “A unique window of opportunity opens when there are more people of working age than there are people above or below working age,” said the UNFPA, in a statement announcing the “Myanmar Population and Housing Census Thematic Report on Population Dynamics” on January 10. To reap the maximum possible economic dividends from its demographics, Myanmar must in particular build opportunities for the younger generation. Over the next four years, over one million new jobs are needed just to ensure youth continue to be employed at the current rate. “The time to invest in jobs, education and skills training is now. Without new jobs, young people who are unable to find their place in the labour market and in society, may become disillusioned and not reach their full potential. Unless millions of new jobs are created, the prospect of even a modest demographic dividend may evaporate,” Janet Jackson, UNFPA country representative for Myanmar, said in the statement.

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