MRC public forum to discuss development challenges, seek joint solutions (12-13 Dec)

The Mekong River Commission will soon host its 13th Regional Stakeholder Forum, in which the MRC will not only provide updates of hydropower projects along Southeast Asia’s largest river, but will feature the deepening cooperation with activists who speak for the interests of millions of fishing and farming families in the Mekong. 

The 12–13 December Forum will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, and simultaneously broadcast online. The 1.5-day event will open a window onto many of the challenges facing the river basin, as well as proposed solutions: from balancing the economic growth brought by water resources development; to minimizing ANY impact on either the ecosystem or riverine communities; and coping with the damage done by human and climate change.

While attendees will hear updates about several hydropower dams along the Mekong, they will also have the chance to share their insights, concerns and opinions. Moreover, civil society organizations (CSOs) are co-designing the agenda of the Forum’s second day, a sign of their increasing input in shaping MRC priorities.

Interested participants may REGISTER online here:

Registration closes on 2 December. Modest financial support is available to applicants with a demonstrated need.

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