Statement on government plans to resume the Dawei special economic zone project

We are deeply concerned by the Myanmar government’s plans to resume the Dawei SEZ. Dawei society – from the sea to the fields to the highlands, from Dawei town to all surrounding areas, from Dawei migrants working abroad to their friends and family in Dawei – will experience profound and long-lasting changes as a result of the SEZ. Dawei society’s land and livelihoods, shared histories and traditions, ecologies and cultures, and ability to build common futures are all under threat.

We call on all project proponents to urgently reconsider plans to resume the Dawei SEZ. We make the following demands to the Governments of Myanmar, Thailand, and Japan, as well as project contractors, such as , wItalian-Thai Development (ITD)hich is currently mired in environmental scandal in Thailand.

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